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Don't worry, the explosion was [mostly] contained.

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September 6th, 2009

Calling all science geeks

My latest procrastination method is xkcd.com. It's often hilarious, and though finite, catches you up for a not-yet finite amount of time.  Chances are, if you're involved in engineering, comp sci, physics, and even chem, you'll have a few 'get out of my head' moments. Especially when it's time to mock the soft sciences. (And really, what's science about most of those?)


September 5th, 2009

... you have to google your username to find yourself.  Looking at my last posts, they all seem to be apologizing for not posting more. That's rather boring, isn't it?  I am out of cookies, so have a random SGA snippet. It's John/Rodney, in some AU academic world that I may or may not have already visited.
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September 14th, 2008

Miss me?

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January 4th, 2008

Winners in the news!

Sheppard huh

There've been some real winners making the news recently, whether for total lack of common sense or total lack productive uses of their time.  Yes, the only reason I don't fall into the latter category is because I haven't done anything odd enough to warrant media attention.  So?

When you've had too much to drink to drive yourself and your 9-year-old home, this is probably not your best bet for how to get there.  If Dad was drunk enough to think that was smart, maybe he should've let the kid have the steering wheel, too.

It's one thing to be a couch potato on a Saturday once in a while.  Having a couch potato contest in Times Square like these people might be a little bit much. But hey, free recliners!

These people made our local newspaper in one of the tiny 2" blurbs, but I couldn't find the article online (imagine that, with such an important piece of news). You'll have to make do with their website, which demonstrates nothing more than that they have just as much free time as me at work but better post-it note colors.

And finally, the Hamburgler has mad cow disease! (Yes, I do realize that is not an actual news article. See first paragraph relating to productive uses of time.)


January 2nd, 2008

Having fun yet?


Now that most of the craziness of the holidays is over and I (along with grumbling employees everywher) am back at work, I figure it's a good time to wish everyone Happy Holidays (and a Happy New Year,  but I'm not ridiculously late on that count)! So, Happy Holidays!

But just in case you haven't gotten all the holiday shopping done, or feel that it's time to revert to the rest of the year's tradition of buying gifts for oneself and attempting to write it off on tax forms somehow, check out some of the oddest gift choices ever:

Want a more interesting way to put out the toothpicks for the meat and cheese tray? Try a voodoo doll.

How about paper cups that let you choose your own nose? 

Fake out those who aren
t expecting you to show up to an event with arms more covered in tattoos than an entire biker gang put together use tattoo sleeves. 

Tired of stupid complaints and blatant rudeness? Use this sign!

This is actually pretty cool
a calculator prebugged so you can happily listen in on whoever youve loaned it to.  No more worries about who borrowed it but never gave it back.

Love post-its, but need something a little firmer for really stupid people or important tasks? Use these 10 Commandments sticky notes. (Probably works best if you use them on Christian fundamentalists. Or maybe worst, depending on how offended they get. Actually, avoiding fundamentalists of all religions isnt a bad strategy in general)



December 20th, 2007

The. hrngo Files

Title: The .hrngo Files
Author: 9zanite
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: Pg-13
Word Count: 3,700
Summary: For undermistletoe.  I had the documentation challenge.

At [Unknown LJ tag]

December 18th, 2007

Because it's almost Christmas, there's not much going on at work and almost no new projects beginning that need the initial hours put in to set up files and start modeling buildings.  Without a lot of grunt work to be done, there's practically no work for us interns, so I've now spent two days online, surfing around.

Need to save on your fuel bill? There have got to be better ways than this.

Ever wondered where that bill has been? Track $1 bills around the US and Canada in both currencies.

Some amazing photoshop work theyre hybrids of some animals you would not expect to work so well. Some are a little too teenaged girl (horse-orca leaping out of the waves? Just no.) but theres a couple that are really cool, especially some of the bird mergers.  Image heavy.

There are some bizarre ideas wandering around out there, some of which are even true.

Be careful about using your Pine-Sol illegally. Not kidding.

Catherine the Great wasn't so beloved, so she got some extremely interesting rumors about her death to replace the moderately amusing truth. The Polish probably spread the rumors, so you know you want to hear about the horse involved...

Seriously, no matter how hard up you are, do not do this with a vacuum cleaner!!!


December 17th, 2007

Swiped from lavvyan

I know most of you friended me for (I'm assuming) the couple of fics I've managed to actually finish (thanks, by the way), so never fear, my contribution for undermistletoe will be here in a couple of days.  Since you joined for the stories, though, I don't know you guys at all, and this thing from lavvyan seems like a good way to change that.

So, leave a comment a tell me something about yourself - random fact, odd quirk, favorite color, burning desire to receive a melon baller this Christmas, whatever will give me something to put with your name.

December 12th, 2007

Ranting over, a few interesting things...

Fed up with someone? Disparage them biblically!

Forget about Texas, here in North Carolina, things are done even larger... at least, the 10 Commandments are.  My only question is why.

Don't be turned away from this site by the video or large, red proclamation that this is true, just scroll down the page to the directions on how to make your own burger museum... so you can be just like the guy who's keeping them in his basement for 18 years... even twinkies are nasty after that long!
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December 10th, 2007

My ethernet cable is broken!!! And to make it worse, it was just a matter of one of the wires snapping, but it snapped right at the edge of the plastic piece that plugs into the computer, where I can't fix it with the chunck of plastic in the way.  And there's just no way I'd manage to pry off the plastic without breaking it into more pieces than electrical tape can hold together and still plug in properly.  If it were some mysterious thing I couldn't see, I would be perfectly happy calling it a freebie POS cable and buying a new one, but I CAN SEE THE BROKEN WIRE RIGHT THERE!!!!! AND I CAN'T FIX THE WIRE WITHOUT WRECKING THE CABLE! 

*grinds teeth together*

So, not such a good day. And complicated by the fact that I have two finals tomorrow and my jaw really hurts from grinding my teeth together constantly. And mooching the common room's wireless works fairly well, if much slower, ... until the damn butterfly on the other side of the world flaps its wings and interrup the connection. Forget the hurricanes - they're causing wireless failure, I swear.

So yes, a little stressed. How are you, world?
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